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Water Cooled Blower Manufacturers

Are you seeking for the best among the top-tier Water Cooled Blower Manufacturers In Delhi? Get in touch with Rootech Services. Since the establishment, we have been engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Water Cooled Blowers. These are recommended in most of the applications where water pressure is more than just normal and exceed 7000 mm WG. For their smooth working, you need to keep them away from overheating.

These are more like air cooled type in designing and performance as well, the only difference is that they have water cooler jackets, where water is circulated and dissipate the heat to keep oil, seals, grease cool. We make the best use of advanced techniques, which ensure their durability, dependability and smooth performance.

Our Offered Industrial Water Cooled Blower Will Offer The Following Features:

  • 100% oil-free delivery
  • Minimum air volume loss
  • Reduced operating temperatures
  • No vanes, valves or rings to wear
  • Consume low energy and power
  • Heavy-duty roller bearings for maximum loading
  • Rigid one-piece CI casing and side plates
  • Easy rotor timing setting
  • Alloy steel toughened shafts ground to close tolerances
  • Horizontal and vertical configurations available

Our name is noted among the most popular Water Cooled Twin Lobe Roots Blower Suppliers In India, we make sure that the quality of our offered Water Cooled Roots Blowers will leave you amazed with its features. Contact us now to place your order, we assure timely delivery.

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