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Rootech Services has emerged its position in a competitive market, as one of the growing Vacuum Booster Manufacturers in Delhi. Our vast experience has made it easier for us to provide an advanced system to meet diverse customer demands. These vacuum boosters are mainly used for exhausting gas molecules from sealed products, thus, have a broad demand in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Features And Benefits Of Vacuum Booster Pump:

  • Automatic overload protection
  • Pump-down times cut by up to 50%
  • Save money on installation and operation
  • Suitable for applications where high pumping speed is required
  • Highly reliable device because of low pressure operation
  • Rugged and corrosion resistant
  • Shaft-seal arrangements to prevent oil entering the pumping stator
  • Less maintenance requirements because of the absence of internal and external by-pass lines
  • Prevents oil back streaming from rotary pump
  • Boosts vacuum performance of existing plant & machinery

Applications Of Vacuum Boosters:

  • Industrial Processing: Filling Automotive Fluid Systems, Impregnating Windings, Drying Textiles, Sterilizers Evacuating Refrigeration Systems, Holding & Chucking, Central Systems for Electronic Assembly, Light Bulbs Manufacture, TV Tubes Manufacture.
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical: Degassers, Vacuum Distillation, Vaporators, Crystallizers, Vacuum Filters, Vacuum Dryers.
  • Vacuum Furnace Industry: Heat Treating, Hardening, Melting, Optica Coating, Metallizing, Degreasers.
  • Food Processing Industry: Vacuum Packaging Fresh & Cooked Meats, Freeze Drying, Vegetable Oil Processing, Sugar Refining, Poultry Evisceration, Vacuum Cooling.
  • Semiconductor Industry & Solar Application: Crystal Growing, PCVDIon, Implantation, Sputtering, Plasma Deposition Si wafer solar cells, Thin Film Solar cells, Si/Ge wafer ingot, Solar Metrology & Inspection.
  • Electrical Industry: Transformer Drying & Service, Transformer Oil Purifiers, Vapor Phase Drying

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