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Root Pumps are a kind of dry pumps that are designed to use without any oil or lubricated fluid. They indeed have a high demand in the market and Rootech Services – one of the best Root Pump Manufacturers in Delhi, is here to fulfil that in no time. In this, two symmetrical rotors with an eight-shape section turn without connecting in the opposite direction. They are known for improving the vacuum pressure of a pumping system, thus, their installation is compulsory in a number of industries.

Features Of Root Pump:

  • Ensure constant air flow and less pressure variation
  • Known for their simple and low maintenance design
  • Have highly lubricated bearings to ensure low noise during operation
  • Vibration-free operation
  • High-precision synchronous hard-toothed surface gears for long life
  • Reasonable oil seal structure for zero oil leakage

What Are The Applications Of Industrial Root Pumps?

  • Water Treatment Plants: For Backwashing of filter beds or Aeration
  • Effluent Treatment Plants: For Diffused Aeration and Agitation effluent
  • Chemical Plants: For Supplying of process Air and Aeration
  • Cement Plants: For Blending, Aeration, Fluidization and Conveying
  • Pulp & Paper Plants: Chip Conveying, & Process Vacuum
  • Pneumatic Conveying: To conveying the material
  • Oil & Gas: Gas Collection & Sparging
  • Soil Remediation: Vacuum Extraction & Sparging
  • Dry Bulk Handling: Trailer Unloading & Extraction
  • Glass: Burner Air & Mould Cooling
  • Vacuum Loader: For emptying Septic Tanks
  • Aquaculture: Aeration for fish farm and maintaining the dissolved oxygen level
  • Electroplating: Aeration of plating tanks and for oil free air agitation of electrolyte to maintain the uniform density

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