Aquaculture Fishery Air Blower

Aquaculture Fishery Air Blower Manufacturers

Rootech Services is none other than a reputed brand renowned among the top Aquaculture Fishery Air Blower Manufacturers in Delhi. Our offered blowers are known for maintaining the constant flow rate of air/oxygen to the aqua ponds for higher production of fishes/shrimps.

Main Attributes To Know About Aquaculture Air Blowers:

  • Can easily transfer air/oxygen to the bottom of the ponds, where aqua farming is practised
  • Ensure higher production of fishes/shrimps than the natural breeding of the same organisms
  • Better than aerators
  • Ideal for continuous 24*7 operation
  • Separated from the air chamber to prevent oil mixing with the air chamber
  • Can be run on diesel and motor as well
  • Size of the blower appropriate for your application depends on the depth of the pond
  • Best known for their long and uninterrupted serving life
  • The enclosure can be easily transported
  • Suction and discharge power determined by the actual condition of the system
  • It’s input power depend on the total pressure across the machine

Basic Applications Of Aquaculture Fishery Air Blower:

  • Removes the impurity with the help of bacteria
  • Transfer enough oxygen to the bacteria during the process, which further help it the purification process

We are one of the prominent Aquaculture Fishery Air Blower Suppliers In India. You can contact us to place your order, as we also promise the timely delivery of the lab-tested products that give you value for money.

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